Your Gaming Flash Briefing – 22/2/18

A quick look at the latest news over the last week in the video games world:-

  • Fortnite Season 3 starts today!! With the ever popular free Battle Royale mode finishing Season 2, the servers for Xbox One and Playstation have been down today ready for the patch for Season 3 with it’s new space theme. The release hasn’t gone exactly to plan though with the servers having some issues on both consoles and going down for an extended period, although Epic Games have announced on their twitter that everything should be up and running now.


  • EA have confirmed a current gen remake of the 2008 hit Burnout Paradise. PS4 and Xbox have a release date of 16th March 2018, priced around £35, with PC gamers having to wait until “later this year”. The release will feature the base game plus 8 add on packs which included items like the cars from Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.


  • Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated Death Stranding has added another two actors to the line-up. Known for his role’s as Joel in The Last of Us and Drake from the Unchartered franchise, Troy Baker has been added to the roster along with Emily O’Brien. We are still awaiting a release date for Death Stranding but Kojima hinted it might be towards the end of 2018.


  • Fans of the weapon-based fighting serious Soul Calibur will be delighted with the news that Ivy and Zasalamel have been announced as playable characters in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV. The game will be released across the PS4, Xbox and PC platforms.



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