Your Quickfire run down of Comic/TV news – 6/3/18


Here is a quick run down of all the latest news in the comic book and tv/film world:-

  • As part of the new Marvel “fresh start” initiative, Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto are launching a new Sentry ongoing title.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 16.49.22.png

The new series will dive a lot deeper in to the psychology of Bob Reynolds’s superheroic persona according to the writer.

“The Sentry is a fascinating character. I absolutely loved the original Sentry series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee when it first came out, so I jumped at the chance to write the character,” Lemire told ComicBook, who first reported on the new series. Sentry is scheduled for release this June.

  • Staying with Marvel, they have announced along with Netflix the release date of Luke Cage: Season 2. With the new season hitting our screens on June 22nd, they have posted a new trailer which you can click here to view.


  • Having originally had a November 22nd release date, DC have now informed us that Doom Patrol will now be released 19 weeks late with a new release date of April 4th. This has also meant the release date of Doom Patrol Vol 2: Nada will be pushed back by 3 weeks.


  • Sony’s re-boot of The Crow starring Game of Thrones’ Jason Mamoa has been given a release date of October 11 2019, according to Vanity. Based on the comic book by J O’Barr, it’ll be Mamoa’s second superhero appearance following his role as Aquaman. Here’s a pic of the beautiful man because….well why not!!

jason momoa

  • Releasing April 13, Netflix’s remake of the 1965 series Lost in Space has had its official trailer drop. Check it out here.

So there’s a quick run down of the bigger stories of this week. Is there anything we’ve missed that you can’t wait for or are buzzing to hear about? Let us know in the comments.

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