KettFest 2018 – Recap and Review

On Saturday we were over in Kettering with a traders table at KettFest 2018. The mini comic-con that we were part of was just a small part of the festivities that took over Kettering Town Centre over the weekend.

We definitely feel that the comic-con was a success. It was great to be able to enjoy the live music just outside, and the cosplay parade was fantastic too, with lots of people put lots of effort into their costumes. Unfortunately we were so busy throughout the day we really didn’t get a chance to take any photos!

As well as the mini con, there was live music across all three days, there were pop up art galleries, art installations, yarn bombing, there was definitely something for everyone!

We’re really hoping to be a part of KettFest 2019, but looking to the near future now, we’ll be back at the Yards in Kettering on August 11th for the Yard Sale, and then in Northampton on September 9th for Northampton Comic Con! Hopefully we’ll see some of you there!

We’re also looking forward to doing more cons, so if there are any in your local area that you’d like to see us at, drop it in the comments box!

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  1. Check out WelliFest, see One table remains at the steampunk market upstairs in the centrally placed Hind Hotel on the Saturday, £20. Let me know if you want it! Best wishes, David

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