We’re back with more ideas to make your Christmas amazing!

We know Christmas is all about family time, so what better way to spend the holiday season than sharing some of these great board games!

If table top games are your thing then we’ve got just the thing for you!
We’ve got a few new Dungeons & Dragons items hitting the shop early next week including:

  • Dungeons & Dragons RPG Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Maps & Miscellany
  • Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit
  • Dungeons & Dragons Card Game Expansion Dungeon Mayhem: Battle for Baldur’s Gate
  • Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

And to help get you started with a new character, or if you’re introducing friends to the legendary roleplaying game over the festive period, we’ll also be stocking character sheets!

The Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Mayhem card game is available on our website now 

We also have a great range of items that would make great gifts, whether for someone else, or for yourself!

And along with the new Waving Pikachu pop, we are now taking pre-orders for the Eevee pop!

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