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This afternoon Pokemon delivered a 20 minute presentation, detailing all of the exciting things coming up for trainers in the next 12 months. With the highly anticipated Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes expected to be announced, this was a presentation many people were excited about.

It’s safe to say there’s a lot for trainers to get excited about, so lets jump straight into it.

The presentation opened with a look at all the things that Pokemon has given us over the last 25 years, with most of the focus on the games, trading cards and anime. I really liked this segment, there was something about it that just put a huge smile on my face. It was amazing to see how far Pokemon has come! It was definitely a bit long, it took up roughly 5 minutes of the presentation, so how much could they cram into the last 15 minutes?

Well the answer to that is not much but a whole lot!

Firstly we had a look at the events that are ongoing in the various Pokemon games to celebrate the 25th anniversary. In case you don’t know what they are:

  • In Pokemon Sword and Shield there are Gigantamax raids featuring Pikachu
  • In Pokemon Cafe Mix you can get 2,500 bonus golden acorns for logging in
  • In Pokemon Go Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo are available in raid battles as part of the Kanto celebration
  • In Pokemon Masters EX Leon and Charizard are appearing.

Here’s a run down of everything else from the presentation.

New Pokemon Snap

In New Pokemon Snap trainers will be able to explore the Lental region, and help Professor Mirror uncover the mystery of the illumina phenomenon. It looks like a game that will be great fun. The original Pokemon Snap was a massive hit, and there’s absolutely no reason why this one shouldn’t be! With a release date of April 30th, we’re looking forward to this one!

New Snap

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

At this point I heard every single Pokemon fan in the world cheer. Not only are we finally getting Diamond and Pearl remakes – they’re not Let’s Go!

What we are getting is a faithful remake of the original Diamond and Pearl games. Admittedly, visually it’s nothing to shout home about, I don’t think that’s going to take anything away from the game! There will undoubtedly be many fans who are just glad to be able to play Diamond and Pearl on the Switch!

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be releasing in late 2021. We’re expecting many more updates between now and then.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The final reveal of the presentation was Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Now, off the bat this game looks stunning. You’ll be exploring the Sinnoh region in an age long before other Pokemon games, catching Pokemon by studying them, sneaking up on them and throwing poké balls. You can also use your ally Pokemon to battle wild Pokemon. Pokemon Legends: Arceus aims to give players a more immersive experience, and I am all for it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is slated to hit shelves early 2022, so maybe a late Christmas present to yourself!

What are you most excited about from this presentation? Let us know in the comments below!

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