Category: PlayStation Games

Our first taste of BioWare’s upcoming Anthem

For those of you not in the know, BioWare’s upcoming release, Anthem, has just finished it’s open demo weekend. We downloaded it to give you guys the low-down.  Originally announced at E3 2017, we got to see a bit more at last years 2018 event and it has been high on the list of anticipated […]

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Red Dead Redemption 2

We hurried back from our holiday last week to get our hands on Red Dead Redemption 2! Here are our thoughts so far!

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The Inpatient – PlayStation VR

At the weekend we finally got a chance to play The Inpatient on PlayStation VR. Initially released on January 23rd 2018, The Inpatient is a prequel to 2015’s Until Dawn. The Inpatient is a pyschological horror game, and, much like Until Dawn, the story progression depends on the choices that you make. The basic storyline […]

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