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Our first taste of BioWare’s upcoming Anthem

For those of you not in the know, BioWare’s upcoming release, Anthem, has just finished it’s open demo weekend. We downloaded it to give you guys the low-down.  Originally announced at E3 2017, we got to see a bit more at last years 2018 event and it has been high on the list of anticipated […]

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no man's sky

No Man’s Sky – Is it any good now? – An “In Progress” Review (Updated 30/07/18)

The game really does sound like it’s starting to take shape in to the true form everybody was hoping for since it was released….so I decided to re-install it and give it ago, again, for myself.

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Your Gaming Flash Briefing – 24/3/2018

Here is this weeks run down of all the biggest Video Gaming news across all platforms:- Is there a new open world Star Wars game in the making? If EA’s job listing page is anything to go by, then we should start getting excited. Other than the job listing itself, very little information has been provided so […]

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Your Gaming Flash Briefing 3/3/2018

Here is a quick run-down of the latest video gaming news from the last week:- One of the biggest stories of the week is the announcement of Donald Trump’s video game summit following the school shooting that killed 17 in Florida. During a meeting at the White House regarding school safety, he said “We have to […]

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Your Gaming Flash Briefing – 22/2/18

A quick look at the latest news over the last week in the video games world:- Fortnite Season 3 starts today!! With the ever popular free Battle Royale mode finishing Season 2, the servers for Xbox One and Playstation have been down today ready for the patch for Season 3 with it’s new space theme. The release […]

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